Return to an age where quality, sophistication and strength were the hallmarks of society.

Based in Edmonton, Medivalinx jewelry is 100% Canadian made with all materials being sourced in Canada. Welcome to our rich and colorful world at Medivalinx, an e-commerce company specializing in handcrafted Chainmaille jewelry. You will find a variety of designs, materials and colors here to suit any occasion. From formal attire to everyday wear, Medivalinx chainmaille is your go to source for jewelry with personality and class.

Chainmaille has a colorful and storied history complete with mystery and intrigue. From its origins in Celtic Europe dating back 2000 years, or was it Etruscan Italy 3000 years ago, to its movement to ornamentation and jewelry during the Byzantine, chainmaille has always been a mark of prestige and style. Over the millennia chainmaille has developed a near endless supply of designs and weaves from the basic armor making weaves to intricate and elaborate Byzantine weaves that were designed to adorn their royalty. Chainmaille is a connection to the ancient past through the artisans that continue to learn and practice this art in the modern day.

Medivalinx founder, Cory Klanke, started as a hobbyist in 2012, but soon found himself immersed in the beauty and history of the art of maille. Passionate about each individual item he makes, Cory insures everyone of his pieces is a reflection of the rich history that imbues the art he employs. Join us at Medivalinx to explore antiquity in every handcrafted piece of artisan jewelry we offer.